why waterjets?

Semyx Headquarters

The capabilities of waterjets are endless!
It is the fastest growing precision machine process that is environmentally friendly with great efficiency and productivity. Waterjet cutting technology has taken over due to the fact there no limits to what waterjets can cut. It's a process that does not require tool sharpening and it cuts with great accuracy leaving clean and smooth edges.

Semyx waterjet cutting systems have the capabilities to cut a wide range of materials, despite the shape or size.

Semyx waterjet cutting systems are used in many industries such as automotive industry, aerospace industry, military/defense industry and even the food industry. These industries use Semyx waterjets for cutting a variety of materials like steel cutting, metal cutting, glass cutting, food cutting and it can also be used for stone and tile cutting.

There are many benefits for using a waterjet some of these benefits include versatility, high cutting speeds, endless capabilities, environmentally friendly, easy to use, no stress impact, no tool sharpening, no heat affected zones, no dust or fumes, small cutting width, and productivity, profitability, and complements all other precision machine operations.

Our Semyx software allows you to nest parts to utilize the material, price the job, cost of material and scrap to provide higher productivity and savings.

SEMYX advantage

  • Fully capable advanced controller. Semyx has combined all the functions needed for the waterjet cutting system in one easy-to-use CAM-embedded touch screen controller.
  • Fully sealed & insulated machine parts. Semyx has designed its machines so that it is impossible for water or abrasive to leak through any seals or bellow coverings that may affect the moveable parts, especially the ball screws in the X, XX, Y and Z axis.
  • The world's best pump leaders. Semyx has chosen the world's leaders in waterjet pump manufacturing for all of its systems.
  • Features. Our experience in the waterjet industry has allowed us to include the small details that will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Customer service and technical support. All purchases and questions will be handled by one customer service representative assigned to each client.


  • West Coast Customs relies exclusively on Semyx water-jet cutting technology to bring my creations from renderings to reality.

    WCC West Coast Customs
    Premier Custom Car Shop
  • Customer service from Semyx has been a welcome change to what we've been accustomed to in the past.

    Elliot Elliott Machine Shop
    Custom Machining & Fabrication
  • With the wide variety of services we offer, it is crucial we have a company that is dependable and cost efficient, and that's what we get from Semyx.

    Gold Key Gold Key
    Compounding and Processing
  • Semyx has an excellent customer service department. Their staff is always understanding and willing to take care of customers right away.

    Nurazzo Nurazzo
    Custom Designer Tiles