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Semyx Partners with West Coast Customs on Fox SportsCatch the custom-tailored waterjet cutting machine in action!

Ryan Friedlinghaus and the crew at West Coast Customs are at it, again. View our commercial airing on select episodes of the new season!


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Semyx Specializes in Custom Waterjet Cutting MachinesTailored to your specs!

Semyx specializes in manufacturing custom water jet cutters specifically tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers.




The West Coast's Leading Manufacturing Event.

Come see some waterjet machining in action in Booth #1123 at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles on Sept 12-14, 2017.

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why water jet?

Waterjet Cutting Head

Waterjet Cutting Systems
The capabilities of waterjets are endless. It is the fastest growing precision machine process that is environmentally friendly with great efficiency and productivity. Waterjet cutting technology has taken over due to the fact there no limits to what waterjets can cut. It's a process that does not require tool sharpening and it cuts with great accuracy leaving clean and smooth edges...

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what is a water jet?

5-Axis and Drill

Waterjet technology is basically the flow of water to the pump which then reaches pressures up to 100,000 psi and through high pressure tubing and out to the cutting head. There are two types of water jet cutting:

WJTA - WaterJet Technology Association   SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers