stone and tile

Marble Mosaic Floor Cut with Waterjets

Similar to metal cutting, abrasive water jets are commonly used for stone, marble, and glass cutting, because of the intricate shape that are not possible using other machining tools. The Semyx abrasive waterjet cutting system cuts and pierces all stone, marble, and tile no matter how brittle the material. Because there is not heat distortion the does not distort from its shape or strength.

When dealing with stone, tile and glass the material must be pierced at low pressure, then it will automatically switch to high pressure continuing with the cutting process. The piercing, cutting, and speed of the tool pad are controlled by our Semyx controller.

Waterjet cutting is ideal for the stone and tile industry because it maximizes performance, reduces cost, and increases profit. Waterjets can cut sink and faucet holes and can make smooth edges on slabs that are cut with saws. Water jets are a wonderful tool when used in inlays, signs, logos, intricate designs, or any other artistic accents.