water jet cutting systems

Infinity Series

Infinity® Series
The INFINITY waterjet cutting series is best suited for large areas. Features include:

Cobra Series

Cobra® Series
The COBRA waterjet cutting system offers cutting of extra large sheets ranging from 10 ft, 13 ft, or 15 ft wide by as long as needed, which allows for mass production and cutting of large materials. Features include:

Optima Series

Optima® Series
The OPTIMA waterjet cutting series is the newest addition to our Semyx waterjet cutting product line that provides a vigorous industrial design and rigid construction that combines precision and simplicity. Features include:

Scorpion Series

Scorpion® Series
The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is the most versatile waterjet cutting system on the market when it comes to speed and accuracy. Features include:

Genesis Series

Genesis® Series
The GENESIS waterjet cutting series is a unique monoblock design that provides the ideal system for smaller projects and a great introduction for first time waterjet users looking to become familiar with the industry. Features include: