how do you cut glass?

Stained Glass Cut with Water Jets

Semyx simplifies the cutting and piercing of thin, delicate glass to thick glass material. With waterjet cutting machines, cutting contours and shapes in glass can be acheived at a very reasonable cost due to the advanced technology used. The applications range from stained glass, mirrors, inlays, ornaments, windows, and more.

Cutting glass is much like stone and tile cutting because of the brittle nature of the material. Its tendency to crack requires that the piercing start off at low pressures and gradually increase to higher pressures for advanced cutting speeds. To keep the material from being destroyed, the pump automatically adjusts and resumes pressures (thus speeds) when cutting delicate materials. A softer alternative abrasive can be used to further reduce to possibility for cracking, chipping, or surface blemishes.

Waterjet cutting makes smoother, cleaner cuts, has no heat affected zones, and is very cost efficient. Because of this, secondary finishing is almost never required!

Cut Glass
Glass Ornament
Glass Windows Cut with Waterjets