IGEMS software

IGEMS CAD features:

  • Basic CAD functionality including drawing, measuring, snapping, layers, blocks, plotting, dimensioning etc.
  • User interface similar to Auto CAD.
  • Advanced CAD tools specially designed for the cutting industry.
  • Support for DWG, DXF, IGES, WMF, CNC, TTF, GEO, ORD and CBF files.
  • Clean-up and optimization tools for repairing bad geometry.
  • Sign-and tile making for converting of fonts and images to CAD vectors. Supports TTF, CFX, SHX fonts and JPG, BMP for images.
  • Standard parametric parts library.
  • Parametric 3D pipe library for unfolding of pipes.

IGEMS NEST features:

  • Advanced Automatic true shape nesting of irregular shapes.
  • Dynamic Single and Rectangular nesting.
  • Quick nest with advanced bump technology.
  • Support for group nesting.
  • Support for irregular shaped sheets even with interior cut outs.
  • Nest on rest sheets.
  • Support for multiple cutting heads with variable distance.

IGEMS CAM features:

  • Supports AW J-, Water-, Laser-, Oxyfuel- and Plasma cutting machines.
  • Machine and material database.
  • Lead in/out library with full collision control.
  • Different piercing methods to suit various material and cutting technologies.
  • Advanced part generation with automatic detection of contours and holes.
  • Automatic tool path generation with lead ins/outs fully collision controlled.
  • Manual-, Semi automatic and partial cut functionality.
  • Marking, Text Marking and Point marking technology.
  • Different cutting sequence algorithms for optimization of tool paths.
  • Advanced AWJ feed ramping technology based on materials and quality settings.
  • The AWJ feed ramping technology is fully associative between material and machine database and will ensure optimal feed rate at all time.
  • Common Cutline command with different strategies.
  • Bridge Cutting with dynamically placement of bridges between parts.
  • Sheet generator with standard sheets, irregular sheets and rest sheets.
  • Support for multiple tool heads.
  • Support for automatic change of tool setup within the same NC-preparation Cost calculation for accurate cost and time estimation.
  • Powerful and open postprocessor technology allows support for virtually all types of cutting machines.
  • Report generator in HTML format.
  • 5 axis Bevel cutting.
  • 5 axis Taper Angle Control
Control Screen IGEMS Control Screen


  • Infinity® Series
    The new and improved INFINITY waterjet cutting series is our built to last flagship series that is suitable for large areas.
  • Cobra® Series
    The COBRA waterjet cutting system offers cutting of extra large sheets, which allows for mass production and cutting of large materials.
  • Optima® Series
    The OPTIMA waterjet cutting series provides a vigorous industrial design and rigid construction that combines precision and simplicity.
  • Scorpion® Series
    The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is the most versatile machine on the market when it comes to speed and accuracy.
  • Genesis® Series
    The GENESIS waterjet cutting series is a unique monoblock design that provides the ideal system for smaller projects.