the SEMYX advantage

The Semyx Advantage

Customer service and technical support.

All purchases and questions will be handled by one customer service representative assigned to each client. Semyx takes great pride in the support we offer to our customers. We strive for excellence so we strongly believe 100% in excellent service to our customers. Our products speak for themselves, but our service and support is what sets us apart from the others.

Fully capable advanced controller.

Semyx has combined all the functions needed for the waterjet cutting system in one easy to use CAM-embedded touch screen controller.

The world's best pump leaders.

Semyx has chosen the world's leaders in water jet pump manufacturing for all of its systems.


Our experience in the water jet industry has allowed us to include the small details that will save you time and money in the long run.

All our machines are built and sold with the following features:

Seperate Waterjet Tank

Control Software:
Semyx's global partnership with Eaton provides innovative solutions which are utilized to build high quality systems that are tailored to each customer's needs.

Seperate Waterjet Tank

Linear Motors:
Semyx high end water jet cutting systems are driven by Yaskawa linear servomotors which are used to improve the reliability, speed, and accuracy of the performance. They can reach speeds as high as 5 m (196 inches per second) and reach an astonishing 206 s of maximum acceleration.

Seperate Waterjet Tank

Enclosed Cable Track:
High pressure tubing enclosed in cable track

Seperate Waterjet Tank

Highest Quality Components:
Phoenix brings expertise in maintaining contacts regarding Semyx water jet cutting systems around the world. Semyx partnered with Phoenix to offer the best possible solution for all of our automation tasks.

our company

We Specialize in Custom Machines!
Semyx is a Global company specializing in waterjet cutting systems. Semyx manufactures waterjet cutting systems ranging from economical to high end and from standard to custom made systems.



  • Waterjet vs. EDM: Waterjets cut the same parts as EDM much faster and cheaper.
  • Waterjets vs. Lasers: Waterjets cut various material, especially reflective materials, that lasers can't cut such as copper and aluminum.
  • Waterjet vs. Plasma: One of the advantages that waterjets have is no melting or heat affected zones.
  • Waterjets vs. Routers: One advantage of a waterjet versus a router is that waterjets are capable of cutting true 90 degree angles and corners.





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