food cutting

Marble Mosaic Floor Cut with Waterjets

Semyx waterjet cutting systems also use pure waterjet cutting (no abrasive) for cutting foods.  The pure waterjet cutting helps increase productivity, reduce waste, improves the efficiency, and most of all the advantages of sanitation set this method above all others.

When cutting food using water only there are no bacteria or cross contamination from foods like when using blades, knives, or any other tools.  Food cutting applications include foods such as meat, poultry, fish, frozen foods, produce, cake, candy bars, and French fries.

Pure waterjet cutting is not only used for food it is also used for other materials like rubber, foam, installation, circuit boards, box boards, and paper.  The reason these applications are possible using waterjet cutting is because of the very high speeds of the waterjet and small waterjet stream (kerf) which allows very little moisture.