• How does a waterjet work?
    A waterjet is basically the flow of tap water that's pressurized through a Ultra High Pressure pump at pressures reaching up to 100,000 psi that generates energy through high pressure tubing to the cutting head. This highly pressurized water is then forced through a tiny precious gem orifice to form a tightly uniformed cutting stream that could reach up to 3 times the speed of sound.Top
  • How much does a complete waterjet cutting system cost?
    We have several Semyx waterjet models; with unique features for each model. The cost varies based on the application needed. There are different features that make up the price ranging from model, size of table, pump size, and the many different options that Semyx offers. Please contact a Semyx sales representative to assist you with what best fits your application.Top
  • How does waterjet technology differ from other cutting technologies?
    Waterjets are known for their versatility and flexibility. There are no heat affected zones and is environmentally friendly.Top
  • What kind of material can be cut with a Waterjet?
    Waterjets can cut soft materials using water only and hard materials using abrasive. Waterjets can cut exotic metals, stone, marble, tile, glass, food, rubber, foam, textiles, insulation, and paper.Top
  • How thick of material can a waterjets cut?
    Depending on the application and quality cut needed, but a Waterjet can cut up to 8" thick.Top
  • Will waterjets hold accuracy if cutting with high speeds?
    Cutting materials on a Waterjet using high speeds with accuracy manly depends on the material being used and what thickness and at quality that is needed: if you have any questions about materials being cut, the speed, and if the quality is what you need please contact your Semyx representative, and we will provide you with a test cut.Top
  • Is an abrasive waterjet what I need for my application?
    A Semyx representative can assist you on whether abrasive is needed for your application and will provide test cuts to ensure your satisfaction.Top
  • How do I know which Semyx model is best for me?
    After sending us an overview of your project, one of our Semyx specialist will contact you with a tailored made system just for your application.Top
  • Is Semyx an International Company?
    Yes, Semyx is a global company that honors orders from any country that will comply with U.S. export laws and will not export, re-export, transfer, re-transfer, sell, re-sell, or otherwise divert Semyx products contrary to US law.Top
  • Is installation and training included in my purchase?
    After installation, our highly trained Semyx technicians will fully train the customer and the operators on how to operate the system. Semyx technicians will remain at the customer's facility for 5 days.Top
  • What do I do if I need spare parts?
    Contact a Semyx customer service representative by phone, fax, or email and they will assist you on the correct part needed and it will be sent to you immediately.Top
  • What do I do if I need a new employee trained?
    A Semyx representative will schedule a time for one of our technicians to come out to your facility and train your employees.Top
  • Do you offer used equipment?
    Semyx manufactures new equipment, but we sometimes receive used machines on trade-ins and then refurbish them to sell. Please ask your Semyx representative.Top
  • What size pump would I need?
    The pump size varies manly on your application. A Semyx specialist will assist you to best determine the correct pump size for your application.Top