waterjet applications


The aerospace industry uses abrasive waterjet cutting for several steel cutting solutions such as brass, inconel, aluminum, and other exotic metals.


Semyx waterjet cutting systems are used in the automotive industry because of its versatility and precision of metal cutting of exterior components and pure waterjet cutting for interior components.


When dealing with military machinery, manufacturing depends on abrasive waterjet cutting.

exotic metals

Waterjets are ideal for metals such as aluminum, steel cutting, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, brass, copper, inconel, alloys, and any other exotic material.

stone and tile

Similar to metal cutting, waterjets are commonly used for stone, marble, and glass cutting, because of the intricate shape that are not possible using other machining tools.


Semyx simplifies the cutting and piercing of thin delicate glass to thick glass material ranging from stained glass, mirrors, windows, etc.


Semyx waterjet cutting systems also use pure waterjet cutting (non-abrasive) for cutting foods.

other materials

Semyx waterjet cutting systems can practically cut any material that can be placed on our waterjet cutting tables.