abrasive delivery system

Tank, Feeder, and Cutting Head
Abrasive Tank

Abrasive Tank
The Semyx abrasive-conveying system with filling-level monitoring ensures that sufficient abrasive is available at all times throughout the cutting operation. The uninterrupted supply of abrasive is an essential condition for the successful cutting sequence, particularly in the case of brittle materials such as natural stone, marble, and glass.

Abrasive Feeder

Abrasive Feeder
By using a digitally controlled abrasive feeder the CNC controller ensures the exact supply of abrasive for the cutting process.

5-Axis Head Image

Cutting Head
The IDE head is a single, easy to use piece. The single cutting head piece consists of a body, diamond orifice, and mixing chamber. It has a 90 degree inlet that keeps abrasive from building up at the head. It has a flat seal even to the nozzle tube which eliminates risk of breaking the orifice. It is very useful for companies with multiple waterjet operators.


  • Infinity® Series
    The new and improved INFINITY waterjet cutting series is our built to last flagship series that is suitable for large areas.
  • Cobra® Series
    The COBRA waterjet cutting system offers cutting of extra large sheets, which allows for mass production and cutting of large materials.
  • Optima® Series
    The OPTIMA waterjet cutting series provides a vigorous industrial design and rigid construction that combines precision and simplicity.
  • Scorpion® Series
    The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is the most versatile machine on the market when it comes to speed and accuracy.
  • Genesis® Series
    The GENESIS waterjet cutting series is a unique monoblock design that provides the ideal system for smaller projects.

technical specs


CNC-control with CAM integrated software
This CNC control is especially developed for waterjet cutting. It comes with a fully embedded CAM package.